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“With daring and savage intensity Julia Crane takes the great tradition of the spurned woman all the way from the courtesan poets of the past to the denim derrieres of the 21st century in Twisted Little Love Stories. Witty, snappy, and downright caustic in tone, Crane assesses the anatomy of love and love gone wrong, miraculously lifting the sexual interactions of men and women to the level of the mythic through her deft craft. Her exquisite sense of timing makes these poems devastatingly memorable.” —Molly Peacock


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“Julia Crane’s bouquet of Twisted Little Love Stories brings us a woman’s pained and painful poems of ‘fettered mares’ who do not predictably go wild but are rather ‘out to trample logic.‘ It’s not so much in the tradition of modern confessional poetry, it rather traces and diagrams the battle between woman and man less in their sexual bouts and more in the wrestling of minds in which the woman aspires for ‘configuration not confinement.’ What’s at stake is less domination and more mastery of self. The poems move from fuller complex ones to poignant one-liners and give the reader the feeling that one is facing a real poetic consciousness at work. Any one of us combatants should find these weighty and at times funny poems deserve our serious attention.”  —Saul Touster

“Surprises abound in TWISTED LITTLE LOVE STORIES, as in “The Snare,” which personalizes and revivifies the Persephone myth:Where’ve you been, girl? Underground/foundering in a darkness I could not name.’ Or in the succinct and truthful observation that explodes generations of silly love poems: ‘The problem is/love rides desire–/that black horse/ cantering somewhere else.’  Page for page this is probably the best chapbook you’ll have read in a long time.”

—Ed Ochester
Editor, Pitt Poetry Series

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