Here I’m playing duets with my uncle Myron Rosenblum, an expert in the Baroque music world on the viola d’amore-a beautifully plaintive, dramatic yet subtle instrument with seven strings (and seven more sympathetic ones).

Music has  been essential to me for as long as I can remember, though I ultimately chose not to pursue it as a career.  My parents passed on their love of music to me, and I spent many childhood hours listening to classical records in my dad’s art studio. I started playing the violin when I was six.  Later, in high school, I heard the Bach Cello Suites for the first time—I fell immediately and irrevocably in love with the repertoire and the instrument.  I began taking lessons in college with Maxine Neuman (teacher & musician extraordinaire), and my love affair with the cello has continued over time. 

Several years ago, I started piano lessons, playing mostly Bach.  While taking up an instrument later in life can be daunting and humbling, I appreciate the way learning to navigate the keyboard has helped me to gain a greater sense of musicianship and composition. Formal piano study has given way to realizing a long-standing wish to learn the Viola da Gamba, an achingly beautiful instrument pre-dating the cello.  I’m currently playing on a (borrowed) seven string bass viol made by Linda Shortridge (c.1983) & moving into the astonishingly inventive repertoire of the French Baroque period.  

~Jean-Baptiste Forqueray