photo by Amy Cook

I find teaching to be a wonderful route to learningand currently I work one-on-one with students at Landmark College.  I’m wowed by the diversity of Landmark students, as well as the gifts and challenges they bring to their learning experience.  I’ve also taught extensively in the undergraduate programs at Granite State College and Union Institute & University.

At GSC I taught Connecting to Your Major, an advanced interdisciplinary course in critical thinking. Teaching this course offered me the opportunity to continually up my game via a wide swath of disciplines—such as Psychology, Education, and Criminal Justice—as well as keeping current with  trends and controversies in the respective  fields.  In the more distant past I’ve taught Short Fiction and Expository Writing at GSC, in addition to advising students in independent studies, including Modern American Poets.

 I have also been fortunate to mentor a rich and varied range of independent studies at UI&U—from “The Art of Poetry” to “The Psychology of Fairy Tales” to “The Antihero in Literature”  to “19th Century English Novels”, and beyond.  I’ve offered presentations on “The Authorial I: Confession & Catharsis in Poetry”, “The Shadow in Myth and Poetry”, and “The Writing Muse: Creative Inspiration and Expression”, as well as seminars in Gothic Literature & the Jungian Shadow, and Creative Writing.  

Whether teaching in traditional classroom and online venues, working one-on-one via the independent study format, or offering individualized academic support, I’m continually inspired by my students—the vitality of their ideas, their determination in the face of challenges, and their dedication to academic and creative exploration.